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Tanzania , officially the United Republic of Tanzania , is a country in East Africa within the African Great Lakes region. It borders Uganda to the north; Kenya to the northeast; Comoro Islands and the Indian Ocean to the east; Mozambique and Malawi to the south; Zambia to the southwest; and Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, is in northeastern Tanzania.

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  1. good battery thank you so much fast delivery

  2. First of all I would like to say, please do not believe the description that this seller has on their product. I had ordered 100 boxes of mixed flavors from this seller, in the description it said 7-10 days delivery. Due to the situation going on with COVID-19 I was more than understanding and would contact the seller for updates. I was always given many excuses, unfortunately it came to the point where after 30 days I had to file for a refund. I kid you not the day I filed for a refund, I got a call, and next day my order was all of the sudden "READY" for DHL. After waiting so long I received my order, I purchased 100 boxes of MIXED flavors, I got 50+ boxes in Strawberry, 30+ in Blue Razz and the remaining I got 3 flavors. I contacted the seller, and was given excuses and they wanted proof. Did not waste my time with that, just wanted to warn all of you. I am having a lot of returns as well due to defects. Just wanted to save you the trouble, and let you all know. Th

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