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Research confirms that e-cigarettes do not lead to an increase in teen smoking

July 22, according to Canadian media reports, a titled “Canada, British and American teenagers electronic cigarettes and smoking: repeated nationwide cross-sectional survey research shows that the study published in the BMJ in 2019 after years of continued to decline, youth smoking increased significantly, the Canadian association of electronic cigarettes, health authorities and parents shocked all […]

Shenzhen has completely cleaned up the Internet e-cigarette sales, focusing on the inspection of vending machines and other new channels

On July 21, Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration and Shenzhen Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Administration jointly held a video conference on the deployment of special inspection actions for e-cigarette market. The meeting summarized the new progress of e-cigarette market purification since the municipal market supervision and tobacco monopoly administration department carried out the joint supervision action. […]

Firearm buys NOS, signs 19 agents in a week, reigniting the golden age of e-cigarettes!

On July 10, the first e-cigarette, Sizemore International, went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It opened 125.81% on its first day of trading, up 150% by the end of the trading day, with a total market value of 178 billion Hong Kong dollars. The listing of Simore clearly gave the e-cigarette industry a […]