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Aspire K Lite Tank

The Aspire K Lite Tank comes in a 2ml capacity, with a 1.8Ω coil, which is also compatible with Aspire original BVC coils and Spryte coils. Both a Standard Version and Childproof Version are available.

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Tank filling

Refilling the Childproof K Lite Tank is simplicity itself and mess free.
Unscrew the top cap and remove it from the tank.
Add your preferred e-liquid by pushing the tip of your filling bottle through the filling slot.
Once filled, put the top cap back on top of the tank then screw to secure it.

Coil Installation

Coil installation is as easy as well.
Invert the tank, unscrew to disengage the base hardware;
Unscrew to remove the used coil and replace with a new one; (For Child Resistant Version , push and unscrew to remove the used coil and also push and screw to install a new one);
Screw into relocate the base hardware; (For Child Resistant Version, push down and screw in to relocate the base hardware).

Note: when installing a new coil, let the tanks stand for 5 minutes after filling to allow the cotton to fully saturate with e-liquid to prevent damage to the coil and /or burning the wicking material.

1* K Lite tank / 1* 1.8Ω nichrome coil preinstalled / 1* User Manual

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